Our Story

In February of 2009, Caryn Capriccioso and Rick Zwetsch weaved together 20+ years nonprofit and government sector experience with 30+ years for-profit experience to launch interSector Partners, L3C.

Over the years, interSector Partners has worked with more than 120 different nonprofit organizations on everything from strategic planning to board governance, fund development planning to social enterprise development
and executive search.

Wait, executive search you say?

interSector Talent is the resource for business, nonprofit, government and social enterprise leaders, as well as employers looking for top talent to leverage their skills, experience and networks across the sectors.

Let us help you find your next career match balancing mission and money in the way that best meets your professional bottom line.

Our Team

Caryn Capriccioso, MNM

Rick Zwetsch

"Rick and Caryn are a pleasure to work with. They have engaging, professional and complimentary personalities and skill sets. The executive director search process and the end result exceeded my expectations for quality, creativity and thoroughness. Their work significantly exceeded my expectations."

Ben Brahinsky
Denver, Colorado

(Our very first executive search client in 2010!)


"I've spent too long in the corporate world. I've done my time. I want to switch from the private sector to an organization where social impact, not profit, is the primary bottom line. I want to do work that makes a difference!"

"We need someone with for-profit business experience to launch and run our social enterprise. But we'll have to pay them more than most of our nonprofit employees. How can we justify that?"