Switching Sectors? You may be (or appear to be) overqualified. (2017)


Are you looking to switch sectors but are repeatedly told that you’re overqualified? Rebecca Knight offers solid advice on how to go about applying for jobs when you are (or are perceived to be) overqualified – thinking big, being transparent and checking your attitude are among here key recommendations.


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From Real Estate and Finance to a Nonprofit | An Interview with a Sector-Switcher (2017)


Firsthand accounts of job seekers are hard to come by. Take this opportunity to learn from one of’s own, Director of Special Projects, Matthew who made the switch from real estate and finance to nonprofits. (Spoiler alert: It’s not always easy!)


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Sector Switching: Making the Jump From For-Profit to Non-Profit (2016)

Switching from the for-profit to nonprofit sector is harder than it sounds. Here are five tips to help with the transition.


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How I Left Investment Banking and Joined a Nonprofit (2016)

Switching from banking and hedge funds to the nonprofit ScriptED was quite the journey for Allen Smith. Read about his journey and gain valuable advice from his experience switching sectors.


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Sector Switchers: Why Successful People Transition Between Sectors (2016)

Chris Marvin did his homework before switching sectors. Check out lessons he gathered from talking with a diverse group of sector switchers to inform his own transition.


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4 Lessons on Sector Switching from A Successful Job Seeker (2015)

Moving from the for-profit to nonprofit sector takes dedication and hard work. And, it doesn’t happen overnight. Learn about Connie Lewin’s two-year journey to make the switch to her new career at Sustainable Health Enterprises.


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Transitioning Between Sectors Without Taking A Step Backwards (2015) 


Sector Switching: Navigating the Transition from the Private Sector to the Social Impact Sector (2015)


Sector Switching: Navigating the Transition from the Private Sector to the Social Impact Sector (2015)


The manager's guide to switching sectors (2015)


Trend Report: Sector-Switching (2014)


Career switching: perfecting the art of public sector job applications (2013)


The Unexpected Pleasures of Sector Switching (2010)


From Public to Private Sector: Motives and Explanations for Higher Educated State Employee’s Sector Switch



Questions to Consider When Switching Sectors

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