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It’s that time of year, and we’re enjoying reading predictions about the recruiting (and therefore employment) scene in 2018, especially when they confirm what we are seeing through interSector Talent’s nonprofit executive search services. Aman Brar’s thoughts on The 3 Hottest Trends That Will Impact Recruiters in 2018 were especially on point.

What to expect in 2018?

Unconscious bias is particularly important to the nonprofit sector that is continually seeking inclusive hiring practices. Bias is inherently a part of interviewing, yet when search consultants handle the initial screens, and with the advent of screening protocols utilizing text-based interviewing, it may be possible to significantly reduce bias while emphasizing a search for the talent necessary for the job.

Brar reminds us that recruiters must think more like marketers. At interSector Talent, we believe in and support leveraging the whole organization in recruitment efforts. Current employees, board members and volunteers know your organization best and likely already have the connections to reach potential candidates. interSector equips these key stakeholders with the tools necessary to market and promote open positions and has found this step critical to locating top tier talent.

A third trend, focusing on HR analytics to improve the nonprofit’s bottom line, can start with the hiring process. interSector Talent utilizes search dashboards to update committees at every step in their process, automated reference checks such as Checkster to allow for easy comparing and contrasting of top candidates, and other tools that track and analyze candidate data. These metrics provide search committees with simple, easy to manage data about their process as a whole and the individual candidates.

We’d love to hear your take on these trends, along with any others of your own.

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