We know we can and will do great work with our clients.

So, it's especially gratifying to hear kind words from our clients and be reminded of the powerful work we do...TOGETHER!

~ Caryn Capriccioso & Rick Zwetsch


interSector provided search and transition consulting services to our non-profit as we looked for a new executive director. They provided a structured and organized process that enabled our busy board to stay connected to one another, the organization and to execute a successful search. We had a high quality set of candidates from which to choose and came out with an excellent result. The approach they took was not only thoughtful but creative such that we had high quality information to use in our down-listing and final selection. Our staff felt included and heard in the process which was of utmost importance to us in this effort.

Julia Richman, Board Chair / Search Committee Member

Denver, Colorado


interSector Partners was a phenomenal team to help with our Executive Director search. We were faced with a daunting timeline and task, but Caryn and Rick navigated our team through new territory with efficiency, professionalism, honesty, and thoughtfulness.

I always felt I was working with professionals who knew their sector and if something needed to be discussed, it was quickly and deliberately brought up. I have heard of other ED searches where mistakes were made and derailed an important part of the search. I never felt like that was an issue for this team. I wouldn't hesitate to work with them again.

Jamie Torres, Board Member / Search Committee Member

Denver, Colorado


As a board, we were very satisfied with our work together. Your styles matched well with our needs. I especially appreciated your approachability, flexibility, and patience. The products you produced were helpful to our processes and we appreciated you being willing to adapt those as we needed. You helped us transition during a difficult time and provided sound guidance to support the Directors involved.


By providing us with sound guidance and useful products, interSector helped to move us through a search process for our new CEO, and was very generous with their time and talents. The impact they made on us as individuals and as an organization was instrumental. We were grateful for the opportunity to work together - and really enjoyed it!

Erin Bailey, Director

National Alliance for Grieving Children


I really enjoyed working with Rick. He was clear and motivating and responsive from start to finish, and really tailored the process to meet our timeline and needs. We actually came out of our recruitment process with a terrific hire for the job we engaged iSP for and we recruited another finalist for a different key position in our organization. iSP's expert advice and work had twice the impact we had hoped for at the start of the recruitment process.

interSector Partners has been a great partner to our organization over the past several years, providing key support and services in a highly professional, effective and motivating way. Our most recent recruitment experience with them exceeded our expectations and resulted in great hires joining our team. We plan to continue working with Rick and Caryn, and recommend them whole-heartedly.

Kim Zamarin, Chief Operating Officer (former)

Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico


I engaged interSector Partners to help with a search process for one of my clients. Their processes and approach are clearly designed to deliver a consistently high quality product. It is clear these are time-tested and for that reason, I had high confidence in their contribution.

I like their focus on systems and processes as that is how I think as well. They are business people working to do good and I have found many consultants are more OD people without the full spectrum of business insight to bring to a client engagement.

Rick Zwetsch led the search project. He is a professional who understands how to meet the needs of the client from a business perspective, as well as from an organizational impact perspective. He is consistently engaged and working to deliver value to the assignment.

Michelle Barnes, Principal

Golden, Colorado


Caryn and Rick made our hiring search for a COO painless. As a growing organization, we had never hired for this position before. We felt they listened very carefully to the needs we outlined and based on what we said, identified a great solution for OPS. Initially we thought we wanted to hire a permanent COO but Caryn and Rick suggested finding an interim person, which would give us the opportunity to decide what our organization truly needed.

They helped us define the role, they immediately had suggestions for candidates, organized the interviews, and gave excellent guidance through our decision making process. We ended up finding a candidate that was a great fit and even exceeded our expectations.

We were able to make an important hiring decision with confidence because of the experience and thoughtfulness that interSector Partners provided.

Olivia Ahnemann, Producer & Gina Papabeis, Associate Producer

Boulder, Colorado


Caryn and Rick were very professional in helping our organization with the recruitment of a new Executive Director. They helped our search committee not only behind the scenes and communication with the candidates but in facilitating tough discussions about candidates. It was a pleasure to work with them.

Steve McBride, Board Director

Denver, Colorado


Rick and Caryn are a pleasure to work with. They have engaging, professional and complimentary personalities and skill sets. The executive director search process and the end result exceeded my expectations for quality, creativity and thoroughness. Their work significantly exceeded my expectations.

Ben Brahinsky

Denver, Colorado

interSector Partners was excellent to work with. They worked hard to understand our needs and our network and responded quickly to our requests. They clearly have many talents and are easy and fun to work with. The process was smooth and easy and they provided expertise and suggestions, while also listening well.

The conversations at the start were clear and concise. They did the heavy lifting of getting up to speed on our organizations rather than putting the burden on us to make sure you knew enough about us.

The report provided was thorough, practical and was also straight forward, providing suggestions that were helpful for our organization, and have led our staff and steering committee to consider some significant places where we can improve our work.

In addition, interSector has led us to have some deeper conversations about how we communicate and understand the value we bring to our sector. We took the feedback from the interviews seriously and realize that we don't communication our overall strategy and direction in a clear manner.

Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems Funders

Caryn approached our organization, our team members and our retreat goals with deep and thoughtful consideration. She was reliable, effective, calm and insightful as a facilitator that truly partnered with us. She encouraged and validated every team member to have a voice in creating our new organizational core values. One of Caryn's strengths is her ability to clarify expectations and focus goals and needs. She met our expectations perfectly.

Katy Rogers, HR Director

Denver, Colorado

Given the time invested and the work created by interSector, I feel there was tremendous value in engaging interSector partners to create our Sustainability Plan. Without their work, Food Friends Foundation would not be in the position to move forward as an effective, viable organization.

interSector’s work was nothing but high quality - from a draft to an agenda to presentations and then the final report. Their work was thorough, thoughtful, and creative. The process worked very well for me with timely communication, reasonable and meaningful tasks, and I felt both Caryn and Rick were accessible and approachable.

interSector Partners brought clarity, cohesion, and purpose to our organization. They revealed both potential and possibility as well as areas that need attention and restructuring. Additionally, interSector provided me with the framework and support I needed to effectively lead the organization.

Martha Anderson, Executive Director

Fort Collins, Colorado

Caryn's work is superb and I can't think of anything else she could do to improve it. The Planning Council is a large, opinionated group and she was able to respectfully help us achieve our meeting goals.

Caryn's long tenure with the Planning Council gives her an edge over other consultants. She knows how to facilitate the group and understands what they are trying to accomplish.

Her work with the Priorities Committee to co-create the Priority Setting and Resource Allocation meetings process was critical to our success. Caryn would inject much needed insight at critical times to move us forward. She was able to bring techniques from other projects to improve ours and I greatly appreciate Caryn's careful handling of the controversial topics.

Caryn's value is that she always pulls us from chaos and gets us back on track. We were able to accomplish our goals for the year because of Caryn's process design and facilitation skills.

Jean Finn

Denver HIV Resources Planning Council

interSector Partners was very helpful in assuring that we will have a plan that aligns with employee, board and community goals.

The co create was very effective. I most appreciated gathering staff voice in the survey and interSector engaged the full Board in an inclusive and effective manner. All voices were heard and valued.

You absolutely met the expectations of our contract. You exceeded expectations on employee and board feedback. Your support for moving forward in our process for developing a plan on our own timeline was helpful.

We are very likely to refer you to others that can benefit from the work you do.

Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association

interSector Partners was a great investment for our organization and the impact was huge. They met us where we were and adapted to our needs which was crucial to our success. Their diversity of experience allowed us to address a variety of issues.

I see our organization making a major shift in programming, fundraising, marketing and board development. We changed our name to reflect all of this. The end result is a plan we can follow and feel confident in our success. I think we will look back on this as a pivotal time in our organization.

Joanne Kirves, Executive Director

Longmont, Colorado

We had a phenomenal experience working with Caryn and Rick at interSector Partners, L3C and appreciated their unique ability to help us craft a combination fundraising/social enterprise business plan. They were thorough, responsive, flexible, thoughtful, and reliable. They truly listened to our project team and stakeholders and made meaningful adjustments along the way. The process of working with interSector Partners was a pleasure and the product they provided was nothing less than outstanding. Within a few short months we are finding success that is improving our mission impact. I highly recommend interSector Partners, L3C.

Jenny Arbogash, Executive Director

Boulder, Colorado

The comprehensive fund development planning you offered to SVP Boulder County was incredibly precise, thorough, diverse. We wanted to pair traditional contributed income models with social enterprise and iSP were the perfect folks for that approach. We definitely got even more than expected in our final plan and throughout the process.

Emily Davis, Vice Chair (former)

Boulder, Colorado

Caryn has been an invaluable partner to BCAP over the years, and is always the first expert we think of to help us take the next steps in our strategic planning. During my term as Board President, I have revisited materials from the sessions she has facilitated repeatedly. The organization has formulated action plans based on the outcomes of our retreats with Caryn. I would highly recommend her as a non-profit visionary who can help your organization adapt and thrive.

Dave Ensign, Board Chair

Boulder, Colorado

Boulder County AIDS Project has worked with Caryn for multiple years on our strategic planning. She has conducted a number of highly valuable strategic planning retreats, and has enabled us to create excellent strategies. I highly recommend Caryn's work.

Gerry Valentine, Founder

Boulder, Colorado

Thank you for an overall great experience on this project. Our work together absolutely helped our staff and board gain a stronger understanding of our role in the landscape and the potential value of a new fundraising program. In addition, the materials, tools, and facilitation were spot on, professional and very helpful. I especially appreciate the unique styles you both bring to the work, and found you both to be engaging and open.

We haven't hired another consultant for this type of work, but I certainly feel there were some additional benefits to our project beyond a fund development plan - the visual of the landscape, the great ideas for partnership and membership, etc.

We also appreciate the flexibility to meet us on our budget, and to find a way to make it work. It was a great use of our limited and precious funding.

You absolutely exceeded my expectations on this project and I would welcome the opportunity to work together again on the next steps of this project, or another.

Rebecca Gorrell, Executive Director (former)

Denver, Colorado

Caryn and Rick provided outstanding service in our recent strategic planning. Leading up to the meeting, they created a great and inclusive process that helped the staff feel very engaged. They even identified an additional interview that was not in the original scope of work, but was important to inform the process.

Then they facilitated an outstanding meeting - many reported it was the best board meeting we had ever had - with a mix of keeping us on task and flexing to allow for more time or discussion where it was important.

And then the final product I received was comprehensive and included tools and resources that again went beyond the scope of what I expected. Plus, they are both fun and creative people and a delight to work with. I absolutely recommend their work.

Devin Hibbard, Executive Director

Boulder, Colorado

Helping us with the merger was just huge. I don't know of anyone else who had that expertise. Also, other consultants didn't really get the whole picture of TGP. Anyone can come in and help us do goals for the next year. But the combination of moving from the merger to a board retreat, developing the trust that was required, and moving us forward in multiple directions was unique. We really got focused and whether it was you and your facilitation or a combination of factors, we are having a great year. We have already accomplished most of our goals and our BOD really has ownership of those goals.

I have already given your names to others. I would not give your name out for a basic strategic plan with an organization that was mediocre. I think that you have expertise in getting organizations through complex situations - the kinds of things where we feel lost and crazy and have no clue how to manage through. I think you have a talent for making crazy-making look like sanity.

We're big fans. We were lucky to have TA money to pay for your services. But if I didn't have that money, I would do whatever it took to get the funds elsewhere to keep the value you provided to our organization and our team.

Leslie Foster, CEO

Denver, Colorado

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Caryn and hope I can work with her again. I was amazed at how she zeroed in on what the steps were for my board. I felt Caryn's personality was low key but highly effective. She broached subjects with my board that were sensitive (funding and responsibilities) in a way that my board could accept. The feedback from my board was great on Caryn, her board and personality.

I liked the way she was able to listen to me and decipher what I wanted and needed for my board retreat. This is an experienced skill and I appreciated how easy it was to work with her.

Caryn was able to get my board thinking in ways I never could. The board was thinking in terms of next level, getting me support and financial goals that were far bigger than we had ever discussed. This is a huge impact.

I felt Caryn brought a level of experience and direction to my board retreat that we would have not found elsewhere. Caryn totally customized the retreat for us and our needs - and THAT is very different than hiring a consultant that would have done a "canned" presentation on fundraising. Caryn brought in facts, figures, used our figures, etc. that made her work far more effective.

Caryn met my expectations and exceeded them when she provided a report for us! I don't think the report was included in the initial discussion but would recommend that it is for future consulting. Since I was so new to Caryn and her work and where she was leading us - I was very interested in the report and am glad it was part of our project.

Katherine F. Nowak, Executive Director (former)

Craig, Colorado

interSector Partners were the only ones we found that specialized in social enterprise and could demonstrate the knowledge and experience to get the jobs done. They understand nonprofits and start-up for-profit business and could advise us on the intersection of these entities. They also helped us access possible funding--something I doubt many other consultants could do since this kind of funding is still hard to find.

Both Caryn and Rick were fabulous to work with--at all times. That's actually one of the key reasons I enjoyed working with interSector so much. Both listened, responded promptly, produced excellent work and demonstrated real concern that the resulting product was something we were happy with--and could really use. I appreciated their flexibility, commitment and long-term willingness to partner with us and see this all the way through.

I would recommend interSector Partners to any nonprofit considering implementing a social enterprise. They're smart, thorough, reliable, and effective. They know how to guide you through a solid process to figure out if you're on the right track with your business and develop a solid business plan that can really guide the implementation phase. Caryn and Rick are terrific to work with, flexible and responsive. I loved the whole process and appreciated the solid advice along the way!

Christine Marquez-Hudson, Executive Director (former).

Denver, Colorado

I found Caryn and Rick's overall approach to the group and in one-on-one settings nothing less than exemplary. Caryn & Rick provided Mi Casa's Social Enterprise Committee with an engaging and structured experience. Their articulate approach and dynamic interaction among our Committee members navigated our impressive group through a "process" by which we inclusively formed the basis (and expectation) of a profitable venture for our resource center. Caryn and Rick are a unique team in a vitally important space, offering insightful guidance and intellect throughout the entire exercise. All aspects of their work exceeded my expectations.

James Perez-Foster, Director

ADenver, Colorado

Kudos to interSector Partners for their professionalism and their quality of service. They brought outstanding value to our deliberations, and I highly recommend them for any organization needing assistance with its decision-making or management process.

Richard Gonzales, Partner - GCR, LLP

Denver, Colorado

The work by interSector Partners guided our strategic planning process with deep clarity around the broader forces affecting our organization, provided insightful prompting to shape our goals and supported my intention as Board Chair to create a process that emphasized how our objectives serve our mission in the long run.

The preparation and facilitation was top-notch. Unlike other retreats I've attended, Caryn's facilitation over 5 hours flowed with an inertia and unspoken authority that kept us productively on track without ever having to abruptly change our flow of conversation - I can't pin it down but it was super smooth. The written materials were substantial and the skills they brought to bear on our planning process went beyond my expectations. The outcome is a powerful guiding document for Intercambio.

Dan Powers, Board Chair

Longmont, Colorado

I enjoyed working with the principals of interSector Partners. The quality of their work was excellent, and timely. When I asked for something (like the report well in advance of our meeting), I truly felt heard and our needs were always met. This created a huge impact in that interSector helped us clarify some outstanding questions and very quickly allowed us to move to our 3 year vision and action plan.

I felt they really understood our business and the issues before us. I also enjoyed their flexibility. interSector was also able to survey our stakeholders in a very efficient way and have a large response rate. This allowed us to have good confidence in the results.

Value is probably one of the biggest things when I think of our experience working together. The cost was very reasonable for the before, during, and after work that was done. The bottom line is interSector Partners highly exceeded my expectations during our work on this important project for our organization!

Michael Brady, Board President

Longmont, Colorado

It was a special treat to spend the day with Caryn. Her knowledge of the material, her first hand experience as a nonprofit leader, her stellar presentation and group leadership skills all contributed to the success of our annual board retreat. The outcome of the day: our board members connected with WHY they are involved with an HIV/AIDS organization, WHO they are in relation to one another in their respective roles, HOW they can best contribute to the success of the organization, and WHAT their next steps will be. Caryn's work set the stage for the board activities for the year and helped the board members feel prepared to meet challenges that might arise with greater clarity of the job at hand.

Ana Hopperstad, Executive Director

Boulder, Colorado

The quality of interSector’s work was great. Great facilitation skills and ability to get to the point of discussions to move the work forward. I was also impressed with the level of follow-through and documentation which made for successful outcomes as well as how you initiated the necessary authority when needed to individuals in order to keep the process moving to meet critical deadlines.

We could have never accomplished the outcomes reached without your support. You also allowed us to save lots of money in this process. This process could have easily gone on longer adding costs, stress and frustration. You saved us money as well as reduced stress and frustration which could have led to different outcomes.

Your ability to facilitate difficult discussions, reach consensus and recommend options allowed for successful outcomes that could not have been achieved had we tried doing it ourselves. Your flexibility and ability to refocus when needed were keys to achieving our outcomes and are a sign of how you exceed your goals.

I was also impressed with your ability to keep the conversations at a high level without the challenge of also documenting the conversations. Your process allowed us to move quickly through our process which resulted in the following organizational impacts: 1) save money; 2) ability to share information in a manageable way to make good sound decisions; 3) learned from your experiences; and 4) challenged us to be strategic in how we approached this work.

Sometimes I feel that I am the one managing consultants to achieve our desired goals where with Caryn and Rick it was the opposite - precisely why you hire consultants to help you manage the work and make good decisions. They completely understood the outcomes of the work at hand and little education on our behalf was needed to achieve our goals.

Carlos Martinez, Executive Director (former)

Denver, Colorado

Rick Zwetsch and his organization interSector Partners, L3C have been instrumental in educating techJOYnT, L3C and supporting our launch as a first L3C operating in Oklahoma. We express our deepest gratitude to Rick for orienting and on-boarding us on a social entrepreneurship journey.

When our nation has a 45% unemployment rate among young adults, we want our initiative to make a positive impact in a lot of talented young graduates by opening employment opportunities for them. The public education system is taking a beating on the world stage. We want to make a difference by fostering innovation at an early age and make STEM learning both exciting and rewarding.

Rick was there with us hand-holding and his guidance from formation to launch was terrific. We could not have pulled this off with out Rick's help. Thank you for your generosity, you have been very kind. We will pay this favor forward by helping the next tier of Oklahoma L3Cs!

Ray Shaik, Founder & Executive Director

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Serving as the Chair of the Steering Committee for this project, I was fully satisfied with the quality of your work. I knew what I was getting ahead of time and you met all my expectations. You provided a Community focus with a structure that got us what we needed. You walked into a tough situation, managed all the conflict and delivered a great final product. Not sure how we could have gotten a higher quality of services.

I also really enjoyed how you brought a great mix of professionalism with a personal touch to the project. I've learned quite a bit from watching you facilitate and Caryn handles conflict and difficult people better than anyone I've seen.

Matthew Bennett, Partner

Denver, Colorado

interSector Partners had a profound impact on our visioning process. The process was highly successful because of your leadership and input. The final vision statement and report will help define the town's decision-making for years to come. In addition, participants in our community summit will remember that day for years to come and hopefully have a clear vision for how the community can come together and be both productive and respectful.


We very much enjoyed working with both of you and really appreciate your dedication to and investment in our town's future. Your work was outstanding: thorough, detailed, insightful and very well-suited to our organization's needs.

interSector Partners met and exceeded our expectations by negotiating a very contentious and challenging climate in our town and creating a process where participants really felt heard.

We had a tight budget and a difficult task and you met our expectations with grace and generosity.

Sumaya Abuhaidar

Having worked with several consultants in the past, interSector Partners exceeded all expectations by facilitating the conversation at a higher level, and to a greater outcome, than experienced previously. The quality of their work was fabulous!

The level of professionalism and the resulting document were exactly what we hoped for and will serve as a strong foundation for our work over the next few years. Caryn was skilled at facilitating the conversation, ensuring all voices were heard and that we remained on task. Her candid presentation of data led to informed conversations and her guidance was remarkable and led to a very successful retreat.

I also loved the survey and data collection prior to the retreat. This saved a tremendous amount of time while capturing important information.

The team at interSector Partners was highly professional and demonstrated great expertise in facilitating our board retreat. Our retreat and its outcomes were very productive and more than what we hoped for. Their work exceeded expectations.

Megan Wilson, Executive Director (former)

Denver, Colorado

interSector was able to work with both funders and nonprofit partners to develop a business plan to help with fundraising for the project and to serve as a baseline of understanding between numerous nonprofit groups as well as their foundation funders. The quality of the work was fantastic. The principals were able to anticipate and solicit the right questions to make a coherent and logical case, understood by different primary audiences.

Their non-defensive approach to feedback, ease and promptness of follow-through are wonderful traits in consultants. As important, interSector’s partners are very knowledgeable about how to craft a business plan and corresponding budgets. A superb product.

Christiano Sosa, Senior Program Officer

Denver, Colorado

The quality of work for this project was excellent, especially given the short time frame and turn around time we needed. Synthesizing the thoughts of all the executive directors and funders into a cohesive business plan could not have been easy! The salient points for why this process is beneficial to the sector were pulled out and highlighted and this was the most important goal of the business plan.

I was able to go to my boss and provide him with a plan that he feels comfortable presenting to other CEOs of foundations. InterSector Partners were able to give me (us) a tool to promote the project in a succinct, rational way as opposed to assuming others will inherently understand why this process is the best option. And this is what I felt all the executive directors were banking on, rather than a rational argument and explanation.

We did not consider other consultants to pull together a business plan. Both Rick and Caryn were easy to work with, open to ideas, were flexible and available whenever I needed to reach them. They both had a great ability to take all of our thoughts and piece these together into a concise plan.

Their work exceeded my expectations.

Julie Voyles, Program Officer (former)

Denver, Colorado

Caryn and Rick were able to develop and execute a process that engaged the board and facilitated trust with our staff, particularly with the new executive director. The organization learned about the HOW and WHY behind the process and nonprofit best practices which will help us in our long term leadership and impact.

Emily Davis, Executive Director (former)

Denver, Colorado

The process of working with Caryn and Rick at interSector Partners was absolutely fabulous. They helped drive the strategic planning process from the beginning discovery phase all the way through to action planning. As a start-up non-profit, we did not have the time nor the expertise to manage this process and our organization has seen tremendous maturity throughout the process.

Rob Smith, Executive Director

Denver, Colorado

Caryn and Rick provided thoughtful facilitation and oversight during the strategic planning process. They came to the table prepared with tools that facilitated meaningful discussion and provided push-back when necessary. Our time together was productive AND fun!

Stacy Saggese, Development Director (former)

Denver, Colorado

A great start last night - I feel like it is a new beginning! Many thanks to all of you!

Graham Hill, President (former)

Boulder, Colorado

I have been a part of many and varied organizations and never before have I seen the kind of commitment and ACTUAL progress towards betterment. It's a testament to all of you. It's a great honor to be working with you and I look forward to building an even better organization in the coming months.

Mary Young, Treasurer (former)

Boulder / Denver, Colorado

Working with Caryn and Rick was a joy. They exceeded my expectations throughout the entire process. In addition to visiting Pine Ridge to gain a better understanding of the community and how to best partner with LOWO, they developed a fund development plan that helped us meet the goals required by our funding organization. Both Caryn and Rick have a personal investment in the clients they partner with and are always open to receiving feedback and actively listening.

Matt Kull, Bush Foundation Consultant (former)

Pine Ridge, South Dakota

Rather than creating the typical 5-year strategic plan that is never used or returned to, iSP's real-time strategic planning approach continues to engage our entire staff, board, and committee system in big picture thinking about BCAP's future. Thank you Rick and Caryn for helping us come together and point BCAP to our future!

Mike Henry, Board of Directors (former)

Boulder, CO

Thank you so much for facilitating YNPN Denver's strategic planning process. Your efforts really helped us in creating a vision for the organization's future and then developing a realistic plan for getting there. The process worked very well within our culture and really worked for us. It was a great mix of innovation, creativity and forward momentum. Thank you so much for your efforts!

Sarah Fischler

Denver, Colorado

Rick and Caryn are professionals who first listened to what our organization's issues are, and then crafted a solution that met our needs within our budget. We were very impressed by their work and would recommend interSector Partners to other organizations.

Marcia Donziger, Executive Director

Denver, Colorado

I would just like to say that we very much enjoyed working with interSector Partners on our Capital Campaign planning project. We really enjoyed your personalities and you all were very professional, on time and well prepared.

You helped give us the overall vision of where we were, where we wanted to go, and how to get there. Without helping us find our vision and guiding us to that point, we couldn't have gotten as far as we have.

You also give us lots of tools to help us fundraise and those are very much appreciated. I'd say you met, possibly exceeded our collective expectations.

As one of board members stated, “You can tell this is not your first rodeo!”

Susie Donaldson

Arvada, Colorado

interSector Partners worked with me on two projects. As a result I have been able to streamline a complicated emergency preparedness program, increase the effectiveness of communications to our members, and objectively see the achievements of the program.

interSector also worked with me on three regional meetings that were extremely successful. As a result of interSector's facilitation, each meeting met the needs of the specific audience in a way that I had not expected. Busy CEOs that struggle to find time for meetings are now requesting that we do this at least once a year. Because of interSector I was able to relax and participate in the meetings rather the worry about logistics and schedules.

Nancy Gilbert, Emergency Preparedness Manager

Denver, Colorado

I cannot say enough good things about Caryn and Rick...they know us so well and have really helped us define our path for organizational development. The board and I feel incredibly indebted to them for their contributions to our growth and development since we first started working with them in the summer of 2009.

Crystal Echo Hawk, Executive Director (former)

Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexcio

In these times of "economic uncertainty," the rise of the L3C spells out a new vision of the future for those of us in the helping professions. It is time to overcome the gap between the "non" and the "for" profits, and see how an integration can lead to better outcomes for all. interSector Partners has the vision, the background and the skill to help you do just that, and they care and are sincere to boot!

I highly recommend them given the experience in planning that my Board and Staff are going through at this time.

Ernest Duff, Executive Director (former)

Denver, Colorado

interSector Partners provided Howard Dental Center with all the tools needed to hold a meaningful and beneficial organizational retreat with Board members and staff. Careful pre-planning and skillful execution of the day's agenda proved enormously fruitful. We are having interSector Partners back again this fall to assist us in creating a strategic visioning for Howard Dental Center.

Joe Mauro, Past Board President/Board Member (former)

Denver, Colorado

I'm always privileged when I work with Caryn and Rick, of interSector Partners, L3C and the Dinosaur Ridge project really brought our respective skill sets and experience to bear for the client. Rick's background in marketing helped us build a campaign strategy that would appeal to the general public and to corporate supporters. Caryn's expertise in fund development is broad and deep, and her appreciation for the challenges facing community-based nonprofits was especially important to successfully designing a capital campaign that would strengthen the client's fund development capacity long after the campaign.his item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Martha Vail, Co-Campaign Design Counsel

Lakewood, Colorado

Groundwork Denver hired interSector Partners to help our board of directors understand our stakeholder needs and improve their skills to be as effective as possible. Caryn and Rick were extremely resourceful and skilled at providing this assistance. More than that, I can truly say they were 100% engaged at every step of this process. They brought great ideas to the table, but listened to everything we said, adjusted as needed, and helped us come away with extremely useful information and a real action plan.

We felt like we were working with consultants who really cared about the success of our organization in the long term. Their combined experience from the business and non-profit sectors provide a fresh perspective on non-profit sustainability, management, and fundraising. We highly recommend them and look forward to working with them again in the future.

Wendy Hawthorne, Executive Director

Denver, Colorado

I just wanted to send you a quick note to really underscore how great it has been for us to work with you. The two of you bring such enthusiasm and expertise to the table, such an ability to simultaneously listen and lead…it’s really impressive. So thank you so much for being more than consultants! I am already looking forward to our next collaboration.

Emilie Baratta. Board Chair (former)

Denver, Colorado

Rick and Caryn have helped us evaluate and structure our social business. They worked closely with us to organize as an L3C and adapt our business model to most effectively balance social impact with sustainable revenues. Rick presently serves on our Advisory Board, a testament to their capacity and willingness to go above and beyond in service of clients' goals. Their attention to our strategic needs as a start-up company has helped us remain focused and driven.

Further, Rick and Caryn are accomplished and trusted professionals whose resumes are overshadowed only by their personal commitments to client success. Their innovative approach to business embraces the strengths and assets of stakeholders across the spectrum of nonprofit and for profit business.

We hope their existence suggests a trend in business toward collaboration and multi-bottom-line business. If so, we're part of this trend, too. We trust them; we trust their networks; and we trust their capacity to make strategic, mutually-beneficial connections.

Brendan McCrann, Co-Founder (former)

Denver, Colorado

interSector Partners has been amazing to Women's Health. We won a contest and they donated their time and experience to help us make our programs better. They spent time with our materials beforehand and were truly engaged around our mission, our opportunities and our challenges. It was so refreshing to have a consulting group with compassion. While scheduling our appointment they were very responsive and worked to nail down a date and time that worked for all of us in a timely manner. Caryn and Rick were wonderful to work with and I'm looking forward to the next time we get the chance to work with them.

Boulder Valley Women's Health Center

Boulder, Colorado

Caryn and Rick from interSector Partners, L3C facilitated a focus session for the Broomfield Community Foundation's Board of Directors that was very informational and beneficial for the Board members. The topic focused on making the most of your connections in order to benefit the Foundation. It was an interactive session and that resulted in a great discussion. Caryn and Rick also presented material that was helpful to the Board members. Information always seems to mean more when coming from "consultants". We won this session from a contest on Tuggl and we are very happy that were introduced to Caryn and Rick. They spent time in advance to plan for this focus session, customizing it to our specific needs. They were also flexible in scheduling the session. We would highly recommend them.

Broomfield Community Foundation

Broomfield, Colorado

Caryn Capriccioso was instrumental in helping design and lead a group retreat for our staff that allowed us to give honest and fearless feedback so we could identify and resolve workplace dynamics and be more efficient as a work team and organization.

Mark Kling, Executive Director

Denver, Colorado

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